About me

Even as a child I was attracted by horses as many other girls in my age, and my deep love and passion for horses still exists today. More than 40 years of horse riding and horse handling experience from Germany as well as from Sweden have taught me how important it is to have a relaxed and balanced horse.

Originally, I am a Biologist with PhD, specialized on Neurophysiology and Anatomy, with research and teaching experience in Anatomy in the Medical School at the University of Ulm, Germany.

Understanding how important an balanced horse is and how much tense muscles restrict the full range of motion for horses in training, I have decided to add another education to my portfolio: Equine Sportsmassage Therapist”.  The education contains anatomy of the horse, its muscle and digestive physiology, animal nutrition, motion analysis, exercise units and their benefits and effects.

Through my education and my studies in biology and human anatomy, I can fully and easily understand the importance of movement and physiological processes. I have a deep understanding of processes within muscle anatomy, pain, muscle tension and pain relief.  Take advantage of my knowledge and education and get your horse a treatment which will be an important contribution to the health status of your horse.

I do not only work with muscles but even with fascia, an important connective tissue which contributes not only to movement and the muscle’s health but even to the mental health of the horse. I offer therefore Equine Fascia Trauma Release Therapy (EFRT Therapy). 

You are welcome to contact me if you have questions or want to make an appointment with me.