About me

Understanding how important an balanced horse is and the decision to engage me more closely with these wonderful animals led me to study at the Animal Massage School in Stockholm and complete the diploma with the “Sportsmassör for Horses” diploma. I am a certified biologist, certified sportsman for horses and owner of the company “Hands for Horses Sweden”.

As a child, I was fascinated by horses, they appealed to me magically. This love and suffering still exists today. More than 30 years of horse riding and riding experience in Germany as well as Sweden have taught me how important it is to always have a relaxed horse. Equalized horses are easier to balance. It is a basic prerequisite for fluid movement and riding in harmony.

Through my education and my studies in biology and human anatomy, I can easily embrace movement and physiological processes and have a deep understanding of muscle building, pain, muscle tension and pain relief. The training for a horse-riding diploma sports horse contains both the anatomy of the horse, its muscle and digestive physiology, animal nutrition, motion analysis, exercise units and their effects.

In addition, 100 practical massage hours must be performed and documented. Within my education, I have successfully massaged over 150 horses in Germany as well as Sweden and documented the results. Take advantage of my knowledge and education to make sure your horse is optimal and guarantee its long-term health.

I do not only work with muscles but even with fascia, an important connective tissue which contributes not only to movement and the muscle’s health but even to the mental health of the horse. I offer therefore Equine Fascia Trauma Release Therapy (EFRT Therapy).