Why equine sportsmassage therapy?

Horses are one of the biggest athletes, their body weight persists of  almost 65% of muscles.
A horse that is active within Equitation hast to be able to perform without any resistant and use its muscular power to its full potential.

It should never be restricted in its movements by tensions.

Pain that is caused by false or monotone movement patterns will manifest in their motion sequences and will prevent the unrestricted action within sportive actions.

These restrictions will result in unbalanced motion sequences and movement patterns, which then can result in resistance during riding. In the end the equestrian will lose motivation and  fun to ride, the horse will lose motivation to cooperate with its rider.

Predominantly in the USA but also in Sweden, especially in the triple Crown and harness racing equine sportsmassage therapy is used to prevent muscle tensions and to help the horse to fulfill its full potential. Equine sportsmassage therapists are part of a team around the horse, such as vets, farriers, trainers and grooms. Together they take care for the horse’s health and for the best improvement of the performance.

But equine sportsmassage is not only for professionals, it is also important for any amateur rider and horse lover.

Everyone should experience the full potential of a horse with balanced and ease movements, as well in the riding arena or when they are hacking in the nature.