The Benefit of Equine Sports Massage Therapy

Horses are our most powerful athletes, with up to 64% of their body weight made up of muscle.

A horse that is actively used in equestrian sport must be able to move without restriction and develop its full muscular strength.

To achieve this, it must not be impaired by tension in the muscles.

Pain caused by movement manifests itself in the movement sequence and hinders the unrestricted use of the horse in equestrian sport. These restrictions cause unbalanced movement sequences, which result in resistance during riding lessons.

The equestrian loses the pleasure of riding and the horse loses the joy of working with humans.

Equine massage is used primarily in the USA, but also in Sweden, especially in gallop and trot sport, as a preventative measure and as a treatment method for muscle tension.

Equine massage therapists are just as much a part of the equine team there as vets, farriers, trainers and grooms. Together, they ensure that the horse’s health is maintained and its performance optimally improved.

But this form of therapy is not only intended for professional athletes or riders; recreational riders can also regain the joy and satisfaction of riding, especially when things are literally “stuck”. Be it in the riding arena or in the field.